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About SoundBuckets: We’re going to release the power of your music

Since the dawn of man, humans have made music to celebrate and augment life. We associate music with powerful emotions, nostalgia & memories. We’ve danced, we’ve cried, and we’ve hugged to music.

But today, despite there being a plethora of speakers for sale everywhere, they typically under-perform sonically. The manufacturers rush to follow the latest trends, and the packaging is more important than the sound.

We’re here to change this, to provide an alternative to mass market mayhem, and if you want to hear and feel your music, then we’ve got the speaker for you. 

Let’s get woke about music reproduction!

We’ve done our 10,000 hours

We make the gear that helps musicians record the power, emotions and beauty of their music. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and I’m guessing a lot of  the music you love has been made via our kit, and man we’ve worked with some incredible engineers & the amazing musicians they record.

But while we’ve been making sure the music sounds as good as possible in the studio, the focus on the streets has been to sell as much as possible. They follow every trend, making speakers a throw away, marketing driven consumable. The audio quality just has to be good enough, or hyped for a good first impression at the expense of long term satisfaction.

We hate this. We want to engineer serious speakers that do their job properly, and last the test of time. So that you can hear what we hear, and feel what we feel when you play your music out loud. In 10 years time you’ll still be doing it with the same speaker. And we want to do this in a way that is fun and accessible to all, and not in an elitist, voodoo based, Hi-Fi way

To be fair, this approach isn’t for everybody: the majority seem quite happy, with their bland plastic speakers doing a good enough job.  But good enough is average, average is boring, average is mediocre and if you’re in the 25%¹  of humans who really love music, we know you’ll want more.

Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot of experience, hard work and money to engineer a great speaker that lets you feel the music and makes you want to dance. But without it, we’re just background listeners, not participants in one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

How the SoundBuckets were born

Our son asked us to buy him a highly rated, raved over,pricey Bluetooth speaker, for his birthday.  We checked out the website, it all looked really cool, we bought it and like him, eagerly waited for it to arrive.

It arrived in a big box and we sat around him as he opened it enthusiastically.  First disappointment: the speaker was a third of the box size, and a bit small. OK, but what would it sound like?

It sounded like a small speaker, but louder – no bass, no high end, but it was loud. Impressive at first listen, but fatiguing after a short while.  My wife said it sounded boring, and looked boring, and your dad could make a better speaker. My offended son challenged us to do a better job. We accepted the challenge (how could we do otherwise?) and the SoundBucket project was born.

My wife worked on the shape, the feel and the colour range, while I worked on the audio parts. A year later, we launched it with a successful Kickstarter campaign. We made an initial production run of ~200 units, and got some great customer feedback, improved the design, and the result is the lovely SoundBucket you see today.

We use them at home and in the office, and when we’re out. And everyday, the music we hear on our SoundBuckets makes us smile 🙂

Music is meant to be enjoyed

Making music is a serious job, but it’s made to be listened to, to be enjoyed, to motivate, to thrill, and stir emotions.  And we think our SoundBuckets will help you do just that. Listening to your music on a SoundBucket will lift your spirits and release the power and fun of music for you to hear.

Enjoy your music, enjoy life, enjoy your SoundBucket!

Crispin HT
SoundBuckets Designer

¹Emap Advertising, project phoenix , looking into attitudes to music among the 15-39 year old age group: 9% classed music as being essential to their life, and 16% classed music as being a key part of their life.  The other 75% didn’t really care