SoundBuckets: real speakers, real sound, real portable. 

Handmade and engineered to play your music with integrity & passion

Serious Sounds

A proper loudspeaker, but portable - feel moved & inspired by your music all over again

Long Life

Big batteries, big sound, all day long. Made from solid real materials, made to last and stand the test of time

Just Works

Wireless or wired. No fuss, no gimmicks, it's super simple. Just choose a colour to suit your style, and off you go

Old School

Authentic & honest. Hand made in the UK, with precision engineered analogue technology and an ear for detail

Serious sound you can move around

At Home

Fits in beautifully at home, with its cool retro looks and a choice of 10 colours to match your decor

sb in cambodia

Out and About

Just as happy outdoors at festivals, BBQs, or glamping - portable, powerful and splashproof

Fancy a look up close?

Want to know more?

Find out why SoundBuckets are a bit different from the rest