Proper Job
A real loudspeaker
£ 230 - Buy Now
Hear & feel your music
£ 230 - Buy Now
A proper pick me up
£ 230 - Buy Now
And groovy
£ 230 - Buy Now
No technobabble
£ 230 - Buy Now
Solid bass
Deep and tight, at all volumes
£ 230 - Buy Now
Long life
Made from metal, with big batteries
£ 230 - Buy Now
Sounds great with any genre
£ 230 - Buy Now
Retro Cool
Analogue tech, old school charm
£ 230 - Buy Now
UK made
Local, honest, authentic
£ 230 - Buy Now

When you’re serious about your music, you want to hear every detail.

SoundBuckets are proper, cool looking, powerful speakers, made for music lovers.

They’re  made with natural materials and made to last. Serious devices but simple to use, they sound… well, they sound just like a proper speaker should.

Serious sounds make music fun

Photo: Vienna Reyes / Unsplash

Music is about emotions

A SoundBucket releases those emotions into the air, so you can enjoy your music.

Just turn it on, turn it up, smile and immerse yourself in the emotional experience of great music, played well.  Listen where you want, and when you want. 

And with our large range of cool colours, you can choose to blend in or stand out. Your choice.


SoundBuckets are really easy to use.

With no complicated buttons,  your SoundBucket just works with every music service on the planet, from Apple Music® to YouTube®

It’s also easy to connect to smart devices, like Alexa® or Google Home®, so you can be smart technically, and smart sonically too.

It really is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy, so you can spend more time listening, and less time fiddling. 

Tight, punchy bass

Who doesn’t love bass?

All the groove and motivation in music comes from the percussion and bass.  

To do it right, we’ve concentrated on the quality of the bass, how fast it attacks & how solid it feels.  And unlike other speakers, we don’t turn down the bass as you turn up the volume…

A SoundBucket is fast, tight and percussive so you feel the kick and harmonics. It’s groovy man!

Bass is not the only frontier

There’s a lot more to music than just bass

You need a carefully balanced sound to play all types of music well. 

A SoundBucket provides a perfect balance across all the frequencies and in all directions.

So  whether you’re listening to Debussy or Dub-Step, you’ll get tingles down your spine, and fire in your soul!

Big batteries for a big sound

Keep playing loud all day long

There are big rechargeable batteries in the SoundBucket, so you can play your music for ages between charges. 

When you need to recharge, you can charge it from our mains charger, USB, or even a car charger. Using our charger you can even listen and charge at the same time.

So no matter where you are you’ll always be in charge.

Forget multi-room, think any-room!

A SoundBucket is so easy to carry around

Forget about installing expensive fiddly fixed speakers and just pickup your SoundBucket and move it to where you are.

Fancy listening to trance in the bath, reggae while cooking, jazz at dinner or really loud explosions on your Xbox®?  

Why stop there, go outside to the garden, a BBQ,  a festival, on holiday or even a building site – your SoundBucket will work wherever you are.

Buy better, buy less

SoundBuckets are made in the UK

We’re a small company with 25+ years experience and great customer service – you can even speak to us on a phone!  

Using use real materials,  and real people, we work locally to make a product that is designed for life, not for a fashion season, and it will keep you happy in music for many years.

Buy better, buy less, buy a SoundBucket.

And so say all of us

Like what you see?

Imagine what you'll be able to hear!

Good to know

What’s in the box?

  • SoundBucket (sic)
  • 3.5mm aux analogue stereo lead, 1M long
  • Micro USB lead for slow charge, 1M long
  • Fast mains power charger
  • Mains power lead for charger
  • Quick start guide
  • Cloth carry bag
  • Leather lid travel bung
  • All packaging is 100% recylable/reusable
  • Many years of listening pleasure 🙂


  • Size: 12cm H x 14cm W (5.5" H x 5.75" W)
  • Weight: 0.7Kg (1.5lbs)
  • Upgradable, repairable construction
  • Cylinder painted in epoxy car paint
  • IP44 (estimated) splash, rain and dust resistant

Audio In & Out

  • 3.5mm stereo jack in for Legacy & Hi Res Analogue
  • 3.5 stereo jack out for hardware linking multiple SoundBuckets
  • BT 5.0 with SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX LL codecs


  • Big rechargeable batteries
  • Fast 60W mains external charger
  • Micro USB in for slow/ emergency charge

Audio Bits

  • Two 50W power amplifiers
  • 4.5" woofer, 5/8" tweeter with analogue active crossover
  • Sealed, critically damped box
  • Pure analogue signal path, no DSP