Listen to your music in colour

Proper Job
A real loudspeaker
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Hear & feel your music
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A proper pick me up
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Without distorting
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No technobabble
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Solid bass
Deep and tight, all all volumes
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Long life
Made from metal, with big batteries
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Sounds great with any genre
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Retro Cool
Analogue tech, old school charm
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UK made
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When you’re serious about your music, you want to hear every detail, every nuance and feel every emotion, every colour the artists put into the music. To do this you’ll need a proper speaker- a speaker made for serious lovers of music.

SoundBuckets are proper, cool looking, powerful speakers.  

They’re  made with natural materials and made to last. Serious devices, but simple to use, they sound… well, they sound just like a proper speaker should.

Serious sounds make music fun

Photo: Vienna Reyes / Unsplash

When we listen to music, we want to feel it’s emotions & power. 

We put a lot of serious engineering inside our speaker so you can feel the energy & passion of your music.

But we’ve  made it really simple to use too, so you can concentrate on enjoying your music.

Just turn it on, turn it up, smile and immerse yourself in the emotional experience of great music, played well.  Listen where you want, and when you want. 

And with our large range of cool colours, you can choose to blend in or stand out!


SoundBuckets are really easy to use.

You don’t have to remember any weird button presses to get it to connect, and your SoundBucket will work with every music service on the planet, from Apple Music® to YouTube®

It’s also easy to connect to smart devices, like Alexa® or Google Home®, so you can be smart and hear them with excellent sound quality too.

It really is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy, so you can spend more time listening, and less time fiddling. 

Automatic Pairing

SoundBuckets are always available to pair to, so there’s no “pairing mode”, it just appears in your Bluetooth menu.  Pair once and it remembers the last device it connected with and will reconnect to it on power up.  They’re also easy to link up in true stereo, and will remember this too!

Simple Connecting

The sound quality is superior to small home speaker setups, and via bluetooth® with aptX® and the aux jack, you can connect it to anything – ipods® , iphones®, ipads®, android® phones, tablets & PCs, high res players, legacy Hi-Fi, – anything.

Smart Compatibility

In the same way, it’s compatible with Google chromecasts®, Google Home® and Amazon Echo’s®, so you can get superb quality WiFi streams and up to date voice activated speakers for a tiny outlay.  And while the smart systems are still improving, you just need to buy a basic hub to stay up to date, rather than continuously replacing the speaker.

And of course its compatible with every streaming service – Spotify®, Apple Music®, Deezer®, Pandora®, Tidal®, SoundCloud®, and Youtube®. Just stream to Bluetooth from your music player and the SoundBucket does the rest! 

Easy Controls

There’s just a single control on the SoundBucket to turn it on or off. There are no duplicate volume controls on the SoundBucket, so there’s no confusion and it’s easy to control it from your phone/PC.

And if you need to speak to somebody quickly, just tap it’s lid to dim the sound level, so you can talk. Tap again to go back to full volume. Simples.

Tight, punchy bass

Who doesn’t love bass?

All the power and motivation in music comes from the percussion and bass, but small speakers find it difficult  to play bass properly.

Being different, we’ve concentrated on the quality of the bass, how fast it attacks, how solid it feels, & it’s rhythm. 

And unlike other speakers, who reduce the bass as the volume goes up, our bass is loud and solid all the way to maximum volume.

A SoundBucket is fast, tight and percussive so you feel the kick and harmonics. It’s groovy man!

Quality Bass

Truth time: You’re never going to get stupendous bass from a small speaker, Sorry, but them’s the laws of physics. We do a good job however and it tells. We do this by using an expensive and massive 4.5″ (110mm) bass driver, with a high excursion 20mm movement to generate lovely solid, deep bass.

This is mounted in a critically damped acoustic space, properly padded out with carefully selected old school British Herdwick sheep wool for a perfect performance. This together with the solid aluminium sealed cylinder provide a fast, well damped, percussive bass performance.

A bit different to the normal plasticy box, tiny bass driver and flappy passive radiators that everyone else uses.

Constant Bass

Oh and because we’ve designed it to be a proper speaker, as you turn up the volume, so does our lovely bass, all the way to the top. We can do this due to the size and quality of the bass driver, and the powerful analogue electronics behind it. 

Unbelievably as you turn up the volume on other portable speakers, they turn down the bass by a half or even a quarter of the original level, because their drivers can’t cope with that much bass power. I kid you not!

Bass is not the only frontier

There’s a lot more to music than just bass

You need a carefully balanced sound to play all types of music well. 

So we made sure the mids and treble were reproduced excellently too.

A SoundBucket provides a perfect balance across all the frequencies and in all directions.

So  whether you’re listening to Debussy or Dub-Step, you’ll get tingles down your spine, and fire in your soul!

Balanced Sound

It’s important to be able to play all genres of music with authority, so all types of music shine. The key to this is the construction of the bass/mid driver, it’s rigidity, distortion and magnet quality.

We use an expensive quality driver with an aluminium diaphragm and a neodymium magnet.  The driver is in control of the music until well after the cross-over region, so all the mids are well controlled, and sweetly presented.

360 Degree Dispersion

The separate tweeter is another quality part, and the curved sides of the SoundBucket give it 360 degree like  dispersion. We carefully chose the position of the tweeter on the front face of the SoundBucket to produce minimum reflections and integrate well with the woofer. 

Together, the cross-over point and curved sides, mean that the power response of the design is onmi to about 4000Hz, then gently narrows, which gives excellent imaging and balance in room or outdoors.

Analogue purity

All the non- Bluetooth electronics are old school analogue. A high order active Linkwitz-Riley analogue crossover is used before power amplifiers to perfectly integrate the two drivers. 

The woofer and tweeters are bi-amped, each being directly connected to their own low impedance 50w power amplifier. So we can perfectly control how each driver works, no matter what the other one is doing.

It also means you can feed Hi-res material into the aux socket and it will be reproduced correctly without any further conversion.

Big batteries for a big sound

A portable speaker  is nothing without powerful batteries.

There are big rechargable batteries in the SoundBucket, so you can play your music for ages between charges. 

And when it comes to recharging, you can use our mains powered big power brick to fully charge your SoundBucket and listen to music at the same time.

If you’re out, you can use a USB cable, and you can even charge a SoundBucket in the car while you drive,.

So no matter where you are you’ll always be in charge.


The mains charger also lets you charge and play music at the same time and when connected up to the mains like this, your SoundBucket can play twice as loud as on batteries!

In this mode the SoundBucket can output over 60W of RMS power  & 140W peak power, which gives you musical peaks of over 100dB @ 1M!

Long Life

Off the charger, battery life varies with how loud you playback, but typically is better than 20-30 hours at high volume, and much longer at lower volumes.

The batteries are quality parts with long life and safety circuits, and we can replace and recycle them at end of life so your SoundBucket will life forever 🙂

Forget multi-room, think any-room!

A SoundBucket is so easy to carry around

It’s also quick to connect up,  so forget about installing expensive fiddly fixed speakers and just pickup your SoundBucket and move it to where you are.

Fancy listening to trance in the bath, reggae while cooking, jazz at dinner or really loud explosions on your Xbox®?  

Why stop there, go outside to the garden, a BBQ,  at a festival, on holiday or even a building site – your SoundBucket will work wherever you are.

Serious Sound

The sound quality is superior to most small home speaker setups, and we use the really good aptX® audio codec for excellent Bluetooth audio.  If you play from a Wav or Flac file with aptX the sound quality is like an original CD.

Plugging into the aux socket connects you directly to the analogue amplifiers, so you can stream Hi-res audio without the SoundBucket further processing the signal.

Friendly Features

Because the SoundBucket is battery powered, and splash proof, you can use it in loads of locations a mains powered speaker would fail in – like listening to music while having a bath for instance.

The Bluetooth 5 spec allows you to connect up to 3 music players – phones, PCs etc to a SoundBucket at the same time, so you can share your SoundBucket with your mates. Nice.

Buy better, buy less

SoundBuckets are made in the UK

We’re a small company with 25+ years experience and great customer service. We pay attention not only to the design, but also to you, our customers – and hey, you can even speak to us on a phone!  

Using use real materials,  and real people, we work locally to make a product that is designed for life, not for a fashion season, and it will keep you happy in music for many years.

Buy better, buy less, buy a SoundBucket.

Good product, good service, good feelings all round.  Come and join the SoundBucket family!


We’ve been working with the artists you  love in the studio for over 25 years, and are now sharing our tech with you at home. Having been around for a bit, we know what’s important in this world. We care about our products and our clients, not the pursuit of pure profit.

Hate Rinsing the Planet

We hate built in obsolescence, so we made the SoundBucket so it would last, and could be easily serviced and updated.  This includes the batteries, bluetooth bits, drivers and metal/ leather parts, it’s all servicable!

We’ve also tried hard to be careful and not wasteful with our resources. Not every component originates from the UK, but the SoundBucket is designed, hand assembled and tested here in the UK, with love by our staff being as respectful as we can with our planet.

And so say all of us

Like what you see?

So imagine what you'll be able to hear!

Useful General Specs


  • Size: 12cm (5.5") high x 14cm (5.75") diameter
  • Weight: 1.2Kg (3lbs)
  • Upgradable, repairable construction
  • Cylinder painted in epoxy car paint
  • IP44 (estimated) splash, rain and dust resistant

User Features

  • On/Off/Standby
  • Audio Dim/ Low level bass boost
  • Power status multicolour LED
  • Charge by USB or mains charger
  • Removable top grille to show bass driver


  • 3.5mm stereo jack in
  • 3.5 stereo jack out for hardware linking multiple SoundBuckets
  • Micro USB for slow/ emergency charge
  • 5mm fast charge socket
  • IP44 (estimated) splash, rain and dust resistant
  • All connectors are mounted on the rear

What’s in the box?

  • SoundBucket (sic)
  • 3.5mm stereo lead, 1M long
  • Micro USB lead, 1M long
  • Fast mains power charger
  • Mains power lead
  • Quick start guide
  • Cloth carry bag
  • Leather lid travel bung
  • All packaging is 100% recylable

Specs for Geeks


  • Internal large lithium 35WHr batteries
  • Battery life >40 hours at 60dB SPL, > 8 hours life at 85dB SPL @0.5m
  • Battery rating: >500 charge/ discharge cycles
  • USB charge: 5V @ 0.5A
  • Mains charge: 24V @ 1A
  • Charge time varies on method and battery condition, but typically 4-16hrs


  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Audio codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX & aptX low latency
  • Range: 5-30m, depending on obstacles
  • Autoconnect to last device on power up
  • Always connectable, just search to pair
  • 8 pairing stored in memory, for easy connection
  • TWS true wireless stereo linking to another SoundBucket
  • Up to 3 devices can be connected at once


  • 16mm (5/8") tweeter and 115mm (4.5") bass/ mid driver
  • Pure analogue path with analogue crossover and bi-amped 2x 50W power amplifiers
  • Max continuous power amp output RMS > 2x 30W RMS into 6 ohms @ 1KHz, < 0.05% THD+N 20-20K bandwidth
  • SPL level on batteries without clipping: > 86dBC RMS, 100dBC Peak @ 1M (92dBC RMS, 106dBC Peak @ 0.5M)
  • SPL level on external power without clipping: > 92dBC RMS, 106dBC Peak @1M (98dBC RMS, 112 dBC Peak @ 0.5M)


  • Frequency response on axis, ref 1KHz: +/- 3dB 85Hz-20KHz, at all playback levels unlike other speakers
  • LF Frequency response, ref 1KHz: -3dB @ 85Hz, -10dB @ 50Hz
  • System damping is optimal @ Q = 0.707
  • Extended Bass, rolls off at half the rate of other speakers, so you hear more more low bass
  • Wide, even dispersion for balanced engaging sound in real rooms


Frequency response