A wise old dog loving his SoundBucket

Regular Bluetooth SoundBucket User guide

Here’s what you need to know to use your Soundbucket, Enjoy!

Powering up and Charging

Just press and hold the front of the top black grille, just above the tweeter.  


Hold it for a few seconds and you’ll hear a rising tone, and a green LED will turn on at the bottom of your SoundBucket.  Remove your finger and it’s now on.

Just repeat the process – the LED will glow red, and you’ll hear a falling tone.  Remove your finger and it’s off

Just push the little leather bung into the gap under the top grille at the front, and you won’t be able to accidentally turn it on

When your SoundBucket is turned on, the colour of the LED shows the state of the battery: Green = full, Orange = in the middle, Red = running empty

You can charge it slowly via the micro USB port (24hr charge) or quickly by using the external 24V power supply.  Both connectors are on the rear of the SoundBucket.  The SoundBucket needs to be off to charge off USB, but can be on while charging off the 24V supply.
Note: to avoid sparking, power off the 24V external power supply before connecting it to the SoundBucket, then power the 24V supply on.

Playing Music

When your SoundBucket on, it’s always ready to connect.  Just look in your audio device’s ( Phone, tablet, PC etc) Bluetooth menu, and click on “xxxx-SoundBucket” (where xxxx is a number) to pair, and connect.
Once it’s connected, it will automatically connect to the same audio device whenever you turn your SoundBucket back on.

.Simple, just connect it up using the 3.5mm socket marked “audio in” on the rear.  Doing this will override any Bluetooth signals.

So sometimes Bluetooth can get confused.  So try these methods in this order:
1) Turn off the SoundBucket and try again – move it closer to the audio device to help connect
2) Turn off your audio device’s Bluetooth and try again
3) Clear ( forget) the SoundBucket entry on your audio device’s Bluetooth and pair again
4) Tap the SoundBucket’s lid 5 times and it will reset and clear all Bluetooth memories.  Pair again and go
5) Turn off your audio device and turn it back on again

To make life easy, there are no volume controls on the SoundBucket, so simply adjust the volume on your audio device.

Often you need to temporarily dim the volume of the SoundBucket to answer a phone or talk over it..  To do this, just tap the lid once and the SoundBucket will reduce in volume.  Tap it again to go back to normal.
While dimmed, the LED will blink occasionally to show you that it’s dimmed

Another interesting feature while dimmed is that the bass level is raised, which makes a SoundBucket sound good at low volumes see this article for more details

Stereo and More

You can link up two SoundBuckets wirelessly to get stereo.  Fantastically good stereo in fact.  To do this connect to one SoundBucket as normal, then place the second SoundBucket really close to the first.  Turn the second one on, and tap the lid of the one you want to be the left channel 3 times. This will force the two Soundbuckets to pair up.  When linked, both will chime.  If there’s a problem, you’ll get a “Nurr nurr ” noise – just turn off the second unit and turn it back on to try again.

Yes, you can also join two ( or more) Soundbuckets together with wires.  Daisy chain them from the “audio out” connector on one to the “audio in” connector on the other.  Both will play in mono however,

A SoundBucekt will let up to 3 people (or devices) connect to it at once.  Whoever hits “play” on their device first wins! To listen to another person/ device, just pause the active one, and hit play on their one.

What the LED colours mean

This shows you that the battery is more than 75% charged.

This shows you that the Battery is more than 25% but less than 75% charged

The battery is less than 25% charged – time to think about recharging your SoundBucket!

This shows that the SoundBucket is off, but charging.  It goes through a sequence, like a traffic light, and when it pulses green, it’s fully charged.

The LED briefly flashes orange when you tap the lid, and flashes on/off when it’s trying to do something like stereo link, or if there’s a fault.

If you’ve dimmed the level, the normal colour will dim every few seconds to tell you that it’s dimmed.
If it flashes red constantly, there’s a problem, turn it off and try again