Portable and perfect at home

For most of us, your SoundBucket will live at home for the majority of the year, But that’s cool -here’s a few ways your SoundBucket will fit perfectly into your home.


Blend in or Stand out

The SoundBuckets are available in a wide range of colours, with limited edition colours added regulary. Choose a colour that blends into your deco, or one that stands out and shines!

I like to move it

Unlike a bulky fixed speaker, you can just pick up your SoundBucket and move it to where you want it. Put it aside if you don't want it on display, or bring it out discretely for diner parties.  Because it's splashproof, you can put it in the kitchen to listen to music as you cook, or put it in the bathroom, playing cool tunes as you relax in a sumptuous bath.

Plug and Play

While you're at home, you can plug your SoundBucket into the mains to charge using our special charger. Not only does it charge quicker, it also lets you listen to music while you charge, and your Soundbucket plays music louder. Party on people!

Child's Play

Easy to use, and connects to anything: phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, games consoles, TVs, Amazon Echos, Google Home & Chromecasts. Anything. And everything a SoundBucket connects to sounds better 🙂

Read More

There's lot more information on this site to dig into to get a real feel for your SoundBucket before you purchase, so dive in and learn why the SoundBucket is a bit different and a lot better than other portable speakers